Our Blog Has Moved to Facebook!

Our Blog Has Moved to Facebook!
Darrell Groves | 12/04/2012

What's So Great About CPAs?

This blog post provides insights on the benefits of CPAs.
Darrell Groves | 11/27/2012

Income from Foreign Sources

This article provides guidance for taxpayers with foreign source income.
Darrell Groves | 11/16/2012

Year-End Tax Planning for Businesses

This article provides 2012 year-end tax planning tips for businesses.
Darrell Groves | 11/08/2012

Year-End Tax Planning For Individuals

This article provides tax planning guidance for individuals as the 2012 tax year comes to a close.
Darrell Groves | 11/02/2012

Tax Relief for Those Affected By Natural Disasters

This article provides insight on the tax relief available for those affected by natural disasters.
Darrell Groves | 10/30/2012

Hobby or Business? Why It Matters

This article provides tips regarding the tax implications of a hobby versus a business.
Darrell Groves | 10/15/2012

Five Important Tips on Gambling Income and Losses

Here are five important tips about gambling and taxes.
Darrell Groves | 10/05/2012

Lending Money to Family? Make it a Tax-Smart Loan

Learn why it pays to plan ahead before you loan money to a friend or family member--and avoid tax complications down the road.
Darrell Groves | 10/02/2012

A SIMPLE Retirement Plan for the Self-Employed

This article provides an overview of a SIMPLE Retirement plan for your business.
Darrell Groves | 09/23/2012

Employee Relocation in a Down Market

This article answers questions many companies have about what to do with an employee's home when he or she is moved to a new job location, especially when the real estate market is in a downturn throughout much of the country.
Darrell Groves | 09/15/2012

Deducting Charitable Contributions: Eight Essentials

This article provides 8 essentials for deducting charitable contributions.
Darrell Groves | 09/08/2012

Should You Invest in Life Insurance?

This article provides insights for those considering what type and amount of life insurance coverage is needed.
Darrell Groves | 09/05/2012

Uncover Your Business's Most Valuable Hidden Asset

This guide helps you to measure the lifetime value of your customers.
Darrell Groves | 08/31/2012

IRS Failure to File or Pay Penalties: Eight Facts

This article provides a summary of 8 key facts associated with IRS penalties.
Darrell Groves | 08/24/2012


This article provides an easy calculation of the impact of allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire.
Darrell Groves | 08/16/2012

Protect Your Business With The Right Insurance

This article provides an overview of the importance of business insurance.
Darrell Groves | 08/12/2012

Paying Off Debt the Smart Way

This article provides tips to help you get your financial house in order on the road to financial stability
Darrell Groves | 08/09/2012

Tax Planning for Small Business Owners

This article provides an overview of the importance of tax planning for small business owners.
Darrell Groves | 08/08/2012

Tax Implications of the Health Care Act

This article provides an overview of the projected tax impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.
Darrell Groves | 08/03/2012

Residential Energy Tax Credits for 2012

This article provides an overview of the residential energy tax credits available to individuals for 2012.
Darrell Groves | 07/23/2012

10 Things to Know About Capital Gains

This article provides information around the rules for capital gains.
Darrell Groves | 07/14/2012

Travel and Entertainment: Maximizing the Tax Benefits

This July 2012 newsletter article provides some insight and tips on deducting travel and entertainment expenses.
Darrell Groves | 07/05/2012

How can you properly fund your children's education without draining your current cash flow?

Several guides relating to college preparation, including methods of finance and tax related issues.
Darrell Groves | 06/26/2012

The Best Financial Tool for Business Owners

This guide highlights the benefit to small businesses of a budget and a budget to actual report.
Darrell Groves | 06/22/2012

Are you having problems with the IRS?

This guide provides tips on what to do if you are having problems with the IRS.
Darrell Groves | 06/19/2012

Your Financial Plan: Getting Started On a Secure Future

This Financial Guide tells you how to begin the financial planning process.
Darrell Groves | 06/13/2012

The Home Office Deduction

This article provides an overview of the home office deduction.
Darrell Groves | 06/04/2012

8 Facts to Know if You Receive an IRS Letter or Notice

This article provides helpful tips if you receive a letter or notice from the IRS.
Darrell Groves | 06/01/2012

The Secret of Creating Wealth

This guide provides a short overview of how anyone can build wealth.
Darrell Groves | 05/25/2012

Atlas Shrugged - Who is John Galt?

This article provides opinion regarding the tax related events of the day.
Darrell Groves | 05/19/2012

Fraudulent Charities: How To Protect Yourself

This financial guide provides tips on making charitable donations.
Darrell Groves | 05/17/2012

Tax Planning for Small Business Owners

This article provides an overview of techniques that can be used by small business owners in tax planning with their CPA.
Darrell Groves | 05/14/2012

How to Avoid Penalties on Your Household Helpers

While many people disregard the need to pay taxes on household employees, they do so at the risk of paying stiff tax penalties down the road.
Darrell Groves | 05/08/2012

What to Do If You Haven't Filed an Income Tax Return

This article provides some tips for what to do if you have not filed your federal income tax return.
Darrell Groves | 05/07/2012

Turn Your Vacation Into a Tax Deduction

DWG CPA PLLC May 2012 Newsletter article to help with your vacation planning.
Darrell Groves | 05/05/2012

Spring Cleaning: Tax Records You Can Throw Away

Spring Cleaning: Tax Records You Can Throw Away
Darrell Groves | 04/17/2012

National Debt Clock

National Debt Clock Keeps Ticking
Darrell Groves | 04/08/2012

Obama signs JOBS Act to boost small business growth

Obama signs JOBS Act to boost small business growth
Darrell Groves | 04/08/2012

Tax subsidies for oil companies

Tax subsidies...we all get them.
Darrell Groves | 03/30/2012



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